A French student living in Paris. Please, make my skills useful!

About Me

My name is Alexandre Fortuit. I'm 21 and I have lived in Paris since my youth. I'm studying business in an international school called the European Business School of Paris. Most of my family are living in France or in Saudi Arabia and some live on the East Coast of America, so I have many opportunities to travel.

My Experiences

As you can read it in my resume I've already worked for companies and a start up. Last year during summer I worked in a rental car company called Hertz, I learned how to host clients, answer correctly the phone and use their software. I've also worked in a hotel in Avignon during the Theater Festival. I had multiple tasks and it taught me rigor and how to surpass myself in difficult conditions. Thanks to these experiences I’ve developed team working skills. The Start Up I worked for is called Shotgun. Tristan, my friend, built it four years ago and we helped him for communication. This start up is specilized in night life so we had to give flyers in front of entrances of events in Paris.

My Hobbies

I love sports, especially soccer. I used to play soccer in a team when I was younger and I really enjoyed that time. I played as an attacker so I had to score goals. I stopped playing in a club because I began my studies but we still play with friends when we have time. I also am a great fan of Paris Saint Germain our soccer team. I love going to the stadium because I really enjoy the atmosphere. I am also interested in arts and music, especially graffiti, street art and rap music.

My Computer Skills

My Digital Expedition

I just spent one month in San Francisco. During this trip in Silicon Valley I've learned many things about start ups and digital. I know how to build my own website, design it and I also learned how to use many tools such as Google Analitics, SEO, keywords and Google Addwords. I also know more about creating a start up and developing it. With my friend Pierre-Louis we have been to pitches with many entreprenors who taught us a lot about the right way to create a start up. I also had the chance to visit a part of Silicon Valley, we discovered the campuses of Apple and Google and we walked across Stanford University.

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